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About Us

History of “SaveMyAcadia.org”: This organization was created as an outgrowth of a Google Group - Hallowell Acadia - formed to help people cope with the service issues and company demise which left many people stranded and at a loss for who to turn to for help.
Who are the people behind SaveMyAcadia and why? The three principles are:

Gabe Josephs (Josephs LLC)] who had installed 30 Acadia’s and was one of Duane Hallowell’s first customers. Gabe believed in the technology - got to know the principals and players at Hallowell and refused to abandon his customers unlike most HVAC suppliers who turned a deaf ear to customer cries for help as the systems started failing.

David Friedman - Retired executive (VP/GM Technology Computervision Corp., Bedford Ma. - a fortune 500 company of the 80’s.) David placed a 4 ton Acadia in his retirement home in Laconia NH and got involved - inspired by Gabe’s dedication and belief in the basic technology, and was able to engineer a complete fix for the most serious of the Acadia failures - namely the dual relay/dual contactor circuit specified for starting the TS compressors used in the Acadia.

John Quinn - I had a pending failure of my own Acadia. Feeling a need to contribute but without the knowledge to help in the HVAC arena, I decided to use my skills to help create the website where all information could be easily located in one central repository. Being in the I.T. business for nearly 20 years including running my own software consulting / development company (Weaving Technologies, Inc.) for 10 years, it was time I got back to my roots of a BBS SysOp (almost 30 years ago) to help another community in need.

What have been the failures and success's of the Acadia system:

People generally report that given quality installation including proper sizing and ducting - they got good energy efficiency when units were new. The major failures were associated with a flawed starting circuit that has been redesigned and extensively tested for reliability. This flawed circuit was not present in the ACHP - an earlier version of the Acadia. In addition - there have been widespread reports of improper de-icing, and various erratic heat mode problems. We believe that the core cause of these issues was a combination of inferior temperature sensors, some poor installation procedures for these sensors, and perhaps a connector problem inhibiting their proper connection to the PCB board which runs the Acadia. Since the starting circuit fix was released - some 90 people have installed the FWO with no additional reported failures.

What are the goals of “SaveMyAcadia.org”:

There are reportedly 3,000 Acadia’s in the field. The goal of SaveMyAcadia.org is to widely distribute technical and service information to both do it yourself people, and HVAC techs – allowing the Acadia’s to be routinely serviced. To that end the site will have technical documentation, FWO’s, service guides and general discussions about various performance issues. Hopefully the site can also become a source for people to find HVAC companies who are capable of servicing the units - given our help.

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This site was established July 2011


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