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In case you didn't see the news letter from Gabe:

To all Acadia owners, Before the end of March, I need to clear out all of my Acadia stock. I have about 30 circuit boards, 4 fan blades with motors and 1 three ton compressor for an Acadia (not achp). I have a dozen umsr's but may stock these if they can't easily by bought anywhere else. I also have two big boxes of misc parts (capacitors, potential relays and electric heat strips) although I'm not sure if that would be helpful to anyone who did starting circuit upgrades. I have NO 189 or 145 start caps and pretty sure no run caps or sensors. Please don't order these if the option to buy is still there. If there is a part you want that is listed on the parts store, go ahead and order. I will ask John to remove the option to buy a part once the part is gone. If you are looking for a part in particular or want the compressor, email me only and don't just reply to this newsletter. I will try to get links up on the parts store for the things that can be bought without going through me. Some of you already have found out the hard way that Grainger listed the wrong rating on the sensor I put a link to. I will get a link for a part that will work as soon as I can. Whenever we send a newsletter, we all get hammered with emails. If you want to be removed, log in and go to the forum. There should be a place to put your username down if you want to be removed. Don't just reply "remove me". Please only email me about these parts if you really need to. Thanks, Gabe
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