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Energy Audit-
If you're in New England area and are looking for an energy audits, advice on heating and cooling systems, etc. feel free to contact me.  A typical residential energy audit costs $350 plus travel time ($30hr).  For that cost, I will go through your home or business with a high tech thermal imager and identify problem areas so you can save energy.  Then I will send you a report with pictures showing the areas that should be improved.  Most of the free auditing services don't include thermal imaging.

As a plumbing and HVAC business owner, I know that it was very hard to devote a lot of time to the design process and educating customers.  There are a lot of ways to heat and cool your home or business and now that I no longer own that company, I can work with you to determine the best options that will meet your wants and needs.  If you are out of my area, but still wish to use my consulting services, please send me pictures of your home and heating and cooling system.  Cost for my services will be determined once I know how much time I will need to devote to your project.

Heat loss/gain study-
The most crucial step to designing a heating and cooling system is to do a heat loss and heat gain study.  This step is often not done, leaving people with oversized or undersized equipment.  This results in comfort complaints, increased energy usage or worse, pre-mature damage of equipment.  I will need pictures of each side of your home or business, exterior measurements, type of window, wall thickness and any other information that will help me determine how much insulation is in the walls and ceilings.  It is also important to know how the building is oriented.  This service costs $50 for a home and $100 for a commercial space and can be paid for by going to the tech support tab at the top of this site and pay Gabe Josephs.  If you want a heat loss/gain that includes room by room air flow for the purpose of sizing ductwork, I will really need a floor plan and add $50.

Licenses I hold in Massachusetts-
Master and Journeyman Plumbing
Master and Journeyman Gas fitter
Master Sheetmetal worker
Unrestricted Oil burner tech
EPA and many other trade certifications

Email address-
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